32 | Crowdfund Your Way into a Hollywood Movie

When I was in high school, I was really into movies. I loved watching them in the theaters. A wall in my room was filled with a collection of my favorite flicks on VHS. I even made my own murder mystery movie (I pretty much ripped off Scream).

All of those memories came flooding back to me last week when I interviewed a couple of real Hollywood movie producers. These are actual professionals that are making movies and putting them up on the big screen for the world to enjoy.

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3 Smart Reasons for New Investors to Choose Index Funds

When you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, planning for retirement doesn’t always end up at the top of your to-do list.

“Hmm… let’s see … check out the lineup for Lollapalooza or learn about my 401k investment options at work?”

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31 | How to Crush $52,000 in Debt in 7 Months

It seems the more we earn, the more we spend. There is always something new to buy, a service we want or an upgrade that is an absolute must-have. We see our neighbor’s new boat. Now, something inside of us “needs” that new boat too! And even if our income isn’t enough to buy it, well that doesn’t stop most of us. We’ll just borrow, put it on credit and go into massive debt trying to maintain a lifestyle that we simply can’t afford. 

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30 | How to Travel the World for a Living

In my endless pursuit to chat with all the most interesting people in the world, I started studying up on travel bloggers. These folks spend their days traveling across the US or globetrotting around the world. They capture their adventures through writing, photography or video. Some of the more popular travel bloggers do this full-time and their vagabond lifestyle is fully funded.

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Is Refinancing Student Debt the Best Option?

What’s up my friends!? Andy here! We have a new guest post from Drew Cloud who hails from The Student Loan Report which provides unbiased coverage on the latest student loan news. Today, Drew is teaching us about student debt refinancing. With student loans slowing taking over the world, this is a good read for everyone. Enjoy!

Nearly 70% of graduating students have some form of student loan debt. The majority of it is made up of federal student loans funded from the government’s coffers. With the average balance sitting just over $35,000 per borrower, it is not surprising that most look for ways to make the repayment process easier over time.

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How Crushing Debt is Like Yard Work

This past Sunday, my wife Nicole and I attended our local church’s Financial Peace University class. I had the opportunity to teach this course in January for the first time and now we are supporting our friends who are leading it over the next 8 weeks. It’s so exciting to talk and work with couples who are committing themselves to getting rid of debt from their lives.

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