10 Smart Ways to Save Money During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time for family, fun and relaxation. For those of us who are in debt or looking to save for the future, the holidays can unfortunately feel like a time of stress and worry.

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How Our Family of 4 is Traveling to Disneyland for $220

My 5-year old daughter Zoey is in love with Disney princesses. Ariel, Moana and Elsa have all been her “favorite” at one point or another. When she learned there was a magical place that she could meet all of these charming ladies, she immediately asked me “Daddy, when can we go to Disneyland?”

Given my frugal tendencies, I was not thrilled about the costs involved. According to Huffington Post, the average price for a family of 4 to Disneyland can hover close to $5,000. Sorry Zoey, Daddy loves you, but that’s freaking ridiculous.

After taking a deep breath, I endeavored to find a way to make this family trip possible. After all, a sunny vacation in California did sound pretty nice.

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056 | Control Your Money. Control Your Life.

On a train to downtown Dallas for FinCon17, I randomly caught up with the Founder of Tiller, Peter Polson. Tiller is a customizable money management tool that harnesses the power of Google Sheets. Peter and I had an inspiring chat about family, business and how his company is helping people control their money and, in turn, control their lives.

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052 | Planning Your Family’s Financial Legacy

Increasing your savings, making more money and amassing wealth can have a huge impact on your personal finances. Your wealth can allow you to buy things that bring you joy, experience incredible vacations and create more free time for yourself. For some people, building wealth isn’t just about personal enjoyment. It is about leaving a legacy for your family.

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Dear 20-Year Old, Invest Now and Retire Early

I recently sent a letter (yes, a real letter) to my 20-year old nephew encouraging him to start saving for his retirement today. With time and compound interest on his side, his options are endless. In order for him to reach financial independence, he’ll need to invest and adopt some crucial money-smart habits early on in his life.

Cross your fingers for me that the message resonates with him!

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049 | Simplify Your Marriage and Finances with a Budget

Marriage is a beautiful thing. You get a best friend for life that loves you, laughs at your bad jokes and tells you when you have one of those stray hairs in your nose.

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