057 | Creating Multiple Income Streams to Eliminate $100k of Debt

Earlier this week, I caught up with J from Millennial Boss. This 28 year-old working professional / entrepreneur sets huge goals for herself and crushes them. J was dealing with around $100,000 in debt from student loans, credit cards and a new car. Through creating multiple sources of income for herself, she was able to annihilate that debt in 18 short months.

Her next big goal is to become a millionaire by 30 … Yes. Not a typo. 30.

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How I’m Growing My Online Business at FinCon

This week, I’m attending FinCon. This is a conference catered to personal finance bloggers, podcasters, speakers, coaches, advisors or really anyone who has something to say about money.

Given that I like to yammer on about money and my wife can only take so much of it (bless her heart), I figured I would make the trip out to Dallas, get my learn on and meet some of my “kind”. It’s four days of money and media in the Lone Star State for me!

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053 | Creating a Profitable and Fulfilling Online Business

Sometimes it feels like we have to choose between a career with a good salary or a career that’s personally gratifying. It’s rare that they two situations should ever met. But what if we could create our own business that is both profitable and fulfilling?

Today, I’m excited to speak to a man who has done it. He’s cracked the code.

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7 Simple Ways to Avoid Distraction at Work and Home

A couple of weeks ago, I had an impactful conversation with Author Curt Steinhorst about his new book Can I Have Your Attention*.  The focus of that interview was all about how distraction affects our work and home lives.

That interview with Curt really hit home for me. I think it’s because Curt and I are in a very similar spot in life. We’re both busy with our work, but we also want to be fun-loving Dads and a supportive husbands. Focus is required to be successful in all of these areas.   

I’m all about improvement and action. I’ve outlined 7 things that I’m working to improve following my conversation with Curt. These action steps will help me enhance both my work and home life.

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051 | Conquer Distraction at Work and at Home

Distraction can come in all different forms. It can be from unnecessary chit-chat with your colleagues at work, smart phone notifications or even being the “always on” parent.  The constant challenge of blocking out the “noise” and focusing on the most important task can sometimes feel impossible.

Today, we’re going to conquer distraction together. The goal for today’s episode is to help you win back your time, your attention and your focus.

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048 | Superpower Advantages of ADHD

Each day we’re on this earth, we get a fresh opportunity to learn something new. We can learn a new skill, absorb new knowledge or improve our understanding about complex topics. With my podcast interview this week focused on ADHD, I feel like I learned in all three of these areas.

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044 | What is Universal Basic Income?

The concept of Universal Basic Income has received a lot of news coverage lately. Icons of industry like Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have all voiced their support for this “social-security-for-all” type system. With the increases in automation and technology, billionaires like Musk say Universal Basic Income will become “necessary” given the mass unemployment in the near future.  

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