How to Get $126,000 in College Scholarships

How to Get $126k In College Scholarships

When my daughter Zoey was born we met with a financial advisor to discuss her future college needs. He advised us that for Zoey to attend an in-state college like Michigan State University, we’d be looking at a price tag of about $200,000. 4 years of college would cost us $200,000!

Since then, we’ve been diligently saving in our state sponsored 529 plan through low-cost index funds. But honestly we don’t feel like there is any way we’re going to be able to save that much money by the time she’s 18. And quite frankly, Nicole and I want to make sure we’re set for our retirement before Zoey and Calvin get a free ride to college. Sorry kids!

I’m thinking there are a lot of other parents that are in this similar situation. For that reason, I invited Jocelyn Paonita on the show this week. Jocelyn is a recent college graduate who was able to attend college completely debt free based on earning $126,000 in scholarships. She wasn’t a star high school athlete or the valedictorian. She was just a hard-working and motivated student that did not want to come out of college with an ounce of debt. Her experience in earning scholarships propelled her to start a company called the Scholarship System. Now, Jocelyn guides families and students to earn their own scholarships to clobber the massive costs of college.

What are we covering today?

On the show today, Jocelyn and I chat about:

  • Her inspiring debt free college story
  • How her scholarship program works
  • Advice on how parents and students can combat college costs together

If you have a child that is bound for college someday, listen to this informative conversation with Jocelyn. It’ll make you feel like there is hope that your kids will be able to attend college debt free after all. 

Carpe Diem Quote

Diligence is the mother of good luck.” -Benjamin Franklin

Show Notes

Jocelyn Paonita’s Resources:

  • How to Secure Scholarships for College – FREE Webinar 
  • How to Secure Scholarships for College – Course

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Guest Bio: Jocelyn Paonita

Jocelyn Paonita (Pearson) is a recent college graduate with ZERO student loans. Not only was she able to get her entire college experience paid for including 6 months living abroad, but she also received a cash check each semester for any additional expenses.

Her goal in life is to share her strategies with as many high school and college students as possible so that they too can get their college experience paid for.

Jocelyn graduated from the #1 International Business program at the Darla Moore School of Business. She currently works for a global conglomerate as part of their Finance Leadership Development Program. She is the oldest of 5, has a loving husband and a rescue dog named Jaffe.

Author: Andy Hill

Andy Hill, a mid-30’s father of two living in the metro Detroit area, pens the (MKM) blog taking you through the trials and tribulations of being a young parent and husband who is planning for his family’s future and winning with money.

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