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Investing for retirement … We all know how important it is. But where do we start?!

How much money do we need? Do we work with a broker? How do we make sure we’re investing correctly?

Retire Rich

Scott Alan Turner, the author of new book 99 Minute Millionaire, took some time to chat about how anyone can get started with investing today with as little as $50 in their pocket.

Scott is a successful entrepreneur, a self-made millionaire and the host of the Financial Rock Star Podcast where he helps people get out of debt, save more money and retire rich.  

This man is the epitome of family focused financial success. He and his wife Katie became debt free (including the house) at age 35! With twin toddlers in the house, Scott loves being an early retiree so he has the freedom to spend time with his family on his terms (not the bosses).  

99 Minute Millionaire

Scott’s new book, 99 Minute Millionaire, has everything you need to know about getting started investing so you can free yourself of worry, stress, and have financial freedom.

I plowed through this book on a Labor Day family trip to northern Michigan. I would highly recommend you pick it up. It was a quick read and it had everything you need to know about investing for your retirement in a simple, easily digestible format.  

Scott’s insights into investing and living an early retiree’s life are inspiring and entertaining – you’re going to enjoy this session.

Show Notes

Scott’s Website – GetFR.com

Scott’s new book — 99 Minute Millionaire

Website to review the fees you are currently paying with your investments – feex.com

How are you saving for retirement?  Have you read Scott’s new book?

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