Destroying $87k in Student Loans by Avoiding Lifestyle Inflation

Student loans have become so commonplace in our country that everyone seems to be living with them. According to Forbes in February 2017, there are over 44 million people in the US living with student loans. Those loans amount to over $1.3 trillion dollars!

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How to Crush $52,000 in Debt in 7 Months

It seems the more we earn, the more we spend. There is always something new to buy, a service we want or an upgrade that is an absolute must-have. We see our neighbor’s new boat. Now, something inside of us “needs” that new boat too! And even if our income isn’t enough to buy it, well that doesn’t stop most of us. We’ll just borrow, put it on credit and go into massive debt trying to maintain a lifestyle that we simply can’t afford. 

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