How One Parent Helped Her Son Earn $700,000 in College Scholarships – with Pam Andrews

According to Student Loan Hero, the average student debt for 2017 graduates is close to $40,000. And our nation’s total student debt is now hovering around $1.5 TRILLION!

I want to do everything in my power to protect my kids from this colossal disaster. 

To help calm my nerves, I’ve invited Pam Andrews on the show today. We’re gonna chat about how she helped her son earn $700,000 in college scholarships. Pam’s son can now attend college and graduate completely debt free … and then some. 

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Climb Out Of Massive Debt with These 10 Life-Changing Steps

When someone has a large amount of debt, finding a way out can feel impossible. The scattered accounts, the interest rates and the stress of keeping up with the day-to-day expenses of life are enough to drive us crazy.

After interviewing around 100 individuals who have conquered their debt and moved onto building wealth, I’ve learned what it takes to say goodbye to debt forever.

Here are 10 life-changing steps that came up Repeatedly throughout my interviews:

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How to Increase Your Salary and Become a Millionaire in your 30’s – with Liz Gendreau

One the best ways to build wealth is through a career with progressive levels of advancement. With consistent salary increases and a high savings rate, you’ll set yourself up for a high future net worth and definite millionaire status.

To demonstrate this type of success, I’ve invited Liz Gendreau on the show today. Through her 15-year career, she’s been able to increase her salary from $22,000 to the six-figure level by exceeding expectations and going above and beyond for her employer.

Liz works full-time in the Tech Industry for a Fortune 100 company. By having a savers mindset and growing her income steadily, she has helped her family reach millionaire status in her 30’s.

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How Do We Split Expenses as a Married Couple?

It’s the first Monday of the month my friends! That means we’re taking another question from the Marriage, Kids and Money Community. 

Today’s question comes in from Kat …


Hi Andy!

My name is Kat.  I recently got married, actually 12 days ago. It is both our first marriage and also our first time living and sharing the living expenses with a spouse.  We decided to not merge everything together, but to have our separate accounts that we had before we got married and also open up a joint checking. On top of getting married, we also got a condo together.

We went through the Financial Peace University through our church 3 years ago.  We both don’t have any credit card debt or any other loans besides the mortgage. My question is or rather, me seeking advice is, what’s a good percentage for us to contribute to our joint checking account? We don’t make the same amount, therefore, I felt like putting a percentage rather than an amount would be ideal. I’m just having trouble figuring out what other couples do who are in our same situation.

Thank you and I look forward to listening to your show.

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5 Compelling Reasons You Should Start a Podcast Today

18 months ago, I decided to start a podcast called Marriage, Kids and Money. I was looking for a creative outlet and thought I’d try something completely new to shake up my daily routine. The “diapers, work, sleep, repeat” repetitiveness of young fatherhood wasn’t quite doing it for me at the time.

In the beginning, my main podcast goal was to increase my personal finance savvy by connecting with other like-minded individuals who were winning for their families. Since my wife and I had some personal finance success in our 20’s and 30’s, I thought that I could share some of that knowledge through the podcast as well.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected the results that came from producing this little weekly podcast. I’ve grown personally, professionally and really tested myself as an entrepreneur.

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