5 Essential Gift Ideas for the Business Traveler

5 Essential Gift Ideas for the Business Traveler

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In the spirit of helping you find fun gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season, I’ve compiled a short list of business travel essentials that I love.

Also, I’ve included some that I have on my “want” list (maybe I’m hoping Santa will see my blog – does he get wi-fi in the North Pole?)

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Business Traveler

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

What is it?   Modern, sleek messenger bag perfect for storing your laptop and other business travel essentials

Why I love it!  Easily stores my water bottle so I don’t get dehydrated while traveling. These customizable designs come from an environmentally conscious US-based company.

Camelbak Water Bottle

What is it?  A durable and leak-proof hard plastic, 100% BPA free water bottle.

Why I love it!  I’m no health expert, but I’ve heard water is good for you. I keep one of these bottles at my desk at work and one in my Timbuk2 Bag when I’m traveling to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Moleskin Notebook

What is it?   As an alternative to breaking out the laptop during meetings with clients or colleagues, here is a classic notebook for grabbing the meeting minutes.

Why I love it!  When wi-fi is nowhere to be found, the old written word works like a charm.  It has a sharp-looking classic design as well.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

What are they?   Headphones that significantly reduce the amount of outside noise so you can enjoy your favorite podcast (shameless self-promo) or the sound of silence.

Why I want them!  The more I travel, the more I appreciate the small things. Being able to focus on my work or enjoy a movie on the plane without hearing the man in aisle 38 complain about the number of peanuts he received would be greaaaaaat (Lumbergh).

Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger

What is it?   Smaller than a wallet, this device will help you stay connected on the road by charging your phone and tablet on-the-go.

Why I want one!  There have been too many times my phone has died on the road. This device has the capacity to charge my iPhone 5 times in one charge. No more dead phone! Santa? You there buddy?

What business travel gear can you not live without?

What is Santa’s Twitter handle?

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