How Debt Freedom and Side Hustling Provides You More Family Time – with Vincent Pugliese

How Debt Freedom and Side Hustling Gives You More Family Time

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Complete debt freedom can allow you to do amazing things. You can pursue your passions, you can craft the direction of your day and spend more time with the ones you love.

Our guest today, Vincent Pugliese is the walking, talking proof of what complete debt freedom can do for your life.

Vincent is a Pittsburgh-based freelance photographer that recently wrote a book called Freelance to Freedom. This is his personal account of how he went from $140,000 in debt to completely debt free and owning his own photography business.

What are we covering today?

Vincent and I discuss:

  • What steps he used to climb his way out of $140,000 in debt
  • How he used freelancing to secure his family’s freedom
  • Why everyone should start a side hustle

I absolutely loved talking with Vincent because his situation is incredibly relatable. He is proof that you don’t need millions of dollars to have the freedom you desire. He and his wife now only work on their photography business 30 days out of the year to sustain their lifestyle. Incredible!


How Debt Freedom and Side Hustling Provides You More Family Time

About Our Guest:  Vincent Pugliese

Vincent Pugliese

Vincent Pugliese has a Bachelor Degree in Communication from Ohio University, where he was named National Champion for the William Randolph Heart Photojournalism Championship prior to graduation. He has photographed for all of the leading wire services and various national and local publications throughout the United States.

Vincent has photographed all major sporting and news events, including the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NHL Final, the NBA Conference Finals, The Kentucky Derby and even Wrestlemania! He has been assigned to photograph events in nearly every state in the nation and currently resides in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.

Money Master of the Week

Congratulations to Josh and Lauren from Virginia for paying down their  debt by $108,000! They are now 24 months away from completely paying off their student loans from medical school and being DEBT FREE!

Josh and Lauren - Money Life Wax
Josh and Lauren from Virginia
Josh & Lauren from Virginia are our Money Masters of the Week!

You can learn more about Josh and Lauren crushing their debt at Money Life Wax.

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Do you have a side hustle?


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