7 Smart Gift Ideas to Improve Your Health

7 Smart Gift Ideas to Improve Your Health

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Staying healthy requires determination, focus and daily action.  If you’re on a journey toward improving your health, having the right tools will help you reach your goals faster.

Here is a list of gift ideas for that special someone in your life looking to improve their health.  Most of these products I enjoy personally and some are ones that I’m excited to try!

7 Gift Ideas to Improve Your Health

Organifi Green Juice

What is it?  A superfood powder that you drop into a glass of water or your favorite smoothie to get your daily dose of essential greens.  Amazingly, it tastes great!

Why I love it!  My wife and I have this daily and it helps us sleep better, stay alert and feel refreshed. All of these positive results are crucial when dealing with two crazy kids under 7.

eXO Protein Bars

What are they?  Protein bars made with cricket flour providing you with 10 grams of protein per bar.  Yes, you’d be eating bugs. If you’re apprehensive, they have an inexpensive 4-bar sampler pack to get your cricket feet wet (do crickets have feet? Mmmm … cricket feet).

Why I love them!  They are actually quite tasty.  As an added benefit for the environmentally conscious guy in me, eating cricket protein is 20x more resource-efficient than beef (evidently a boat load of water goes into making beef).  Also, these bars make for an incredibly fun cocktail party game called “Who’s gonna eat my bugs!?”


What is it?  A guided meditation app that gives you focus, contentment and energy to take on the day.  Their 10-day free trial allows you to dip your toes in the water without any commitment.

Why I love it!  10-minutes of exercising my brain daily helps me start my day in a positive direction.  With the convenience of the Headspace app, I’ve meditated while traveling for business, at the office or in my car (don’t worry, I was parked).


What is it?  Super powerful, state-of-the-art blender that creates smoothies, hot soups and frozen desserts.

Why I love it!  Easy way for me to make healthy green smoothies for our family breakfast.  The kids join in the fun too by prepping the ‘ingwedients”. It has a hefty price tag, but completely worth it.


What is it?  30-minute, high-intensity workouts that help you burn some major calories, build muscle and lose weight.

Why I love it!  The 30-minute format is something that I can easily fit in my morning schedule.  Having the ability to do my workout in the comfort of my own home is another convenient perk. Tony Horton makes a lot of grandpa-style jokes which is also fun.


What is it?  A daily dose of dense nutrition in a glass.  Another product from Beachbody, this protein powder pairs well with a healthy diet and exercise.

Why I want it!  We use protein powder almost daily in our house.  We add a lot of other ingredients like healthy fats (chia, flax, etc) and carbs (fruits, veggies) to it to make a complete meal.  Shakeology already includes the ingredients we’ve been adding.  This will save us time, money and hopefully provide us with some healthy years ahead.


What is it?  A standing desk that gives you the flexibility to sit or stand at work and burn calories while doing it.

Why I want it!  My Ikea standing desk hack isn’t cutting it lately and I’m starting to get judging looks from my colleagues on the sketchy piece of furniture on my desk.  Maybe next year will be my year to “adultify” my office!

What products do you use to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

What would you add to this list?

Author: Andy Hill

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