Generosity and Financial Independence: 3 Ways to Give Back on your FIRE Journey – with Dave Mason

Financial independence is a great financial goal to pursue. As we try to save more and increase our income, where does giving back fit in? It seems counterintuitive to give away money when the goal is to save as much as possible. 

A recent study by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy predicted an increase in charitable giving in 2020 and 2021, although this was all before our current world crisis. As the pandemic has undoubtedly rocked many Americans’ financial foundations, there’s a good chance that giving could decline in the coming years. 

Author Dave Mason recently joined Andy for a conversation about his new book, his own giving journey, and why being generous with your money works with financial independence, not against it. Dave is the co-author of “The Cash Machine: A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence,” a financial love story weaved together with endless financial and life lessons everyone can apply to their lives.

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Quotacy Review (2020): Life Insurance Made Easy

Life insurance is one of those things you know you should do. It’s a decision that often gets pushed aside. No one likes to think about “what would happen if…” But it’s something you need to take care of your family if the worst should happen.

The good news is that buying life insurance is easier than ever. In this Quotacy review, you’ll learn how to get a life insurance quote without having to meet with a salesperson or provide your contact information.

Here’s how Quotacy can simplify the process of getting an affordable term life policy.

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From $46,000 of Credit Card and Car Debt to Mortgage-Free – with Bob Lotich

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to own your home outright? Maybe you’ve always wanted to pay off your mortgage early or maybe the idea of being mortgage-free seems like an impossible dream. Perhaps you’re somewhere in between. 

Many of us are in different places on our debt freedom journeys. Not only do the amounts of debt and sizes of our mortgage vary, but so do our income levels. That’s why I wanted to invite another voice to the mortgage payoff conversation. 

I interviewed Bob Lotich, a Certified Educator in Personal Finance and creator of SeedTime Money, about his journey to becoming mortgage-free. Bob’s journey started with two entry-level jobs and includes the Great Recession. His perspective is certainly relatable and important during these unpredictable times.

Find out more about Bob’s story and learn how you can also pay off your mortgage early.

Click play below to listen to our podcast interview:

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Planning Your Retirement Savings Using Expenses (Not Income) – with Joe Saul-Sehy

Have you ever wondered if you are on track with your retirement savings? We’ve all seen the articles that suggest how much money you should have saved by certain ages. But is that really the most effective way to approach retirement planning?

Joe Saul-Sehy, host of The Stacking Benjamins Podcast and former financial advisor, stopped by to share a different approach to retirement savings. Instead of focusing on income, Joe says we should look at something else. If you’re ready to rethink retirement savings, let’s explore the importance of focusing on expenses instead of income. 

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How to Achieve Financial Independence Through Index Fund Investing – with JL Collins

As you explore the FIRE movement, you will quickly learn that investing is a key component of financial independence. You might be thinking that now is the right time to invest. After all, there’s a good chance you’ve heard more than a little talk lately about “buying dips” and taking advantage of the recent market downturn. But how do you get started when it comes to FIRE investing? 

I sat down with JL Collins, the writer at and author of The Simple Path to Wealth, to learn more. There’s a reason MarketWatch calls his book the #1 book to read if you want to retire early. His simplified investing wisdom has helped thousands of readers in their pursuit of wealth and financial independence.

During our talk, he shared his own investing history. He also breaks down index fund investing and explains how to know which account to fund first. JL also offers an overview of how to get started investing for financial independence. 

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3 Simple Steps to Financial Empowerment – with SAVVI Financial

SAVVI Financial is on a mission to democratize financial advice. That means that they want accurate, fiduciary advice available to the masses. No matter if your net worth is in the negatives or you’ve already crossed into double comma territory, this fintech app wants to help you find financial empowerment.

For this Fintech Spotlight, I sat down with Brian Harrison, the Head of Consumer Product at SAVVI Financial, to learn more about how this tool can offer all of us a convenient financial planning solution. 

Whether you choose to use SAVVI Financial or not, you won’t want to miss our conversation about the three simple steps to financial empowerment. 

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Student Loans and Coronavirus: Why You Shouldn’t Pay Your Federal Loans Right Now

Stock market volatility, staggering unemployment, and a global pandemic. It’s no wonder that people keep talking about how different our world feels right now. In times of uncertainty, people find themselves with more questions than answers. That’s certainly true for student loans and Coronavirus.

To make sense of these unprecedented times and the impact on student loans, I sat down with Robert Farrington, a student loan expert and founder of The College Investor.

Student loans are confusing enough as it is. With student loans and COVID, there is a lot of unpacking. That’s why Robert breaks down the CARES Act and explains why you actually shouldn’t pay your federal loans right now. 

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Recession-Proof: From Bankrupt to Young Millionaire in 10 Years – with Patrick Aime

Everyone loves a success story. Yet, in these uncharted waters, success might seem unlikely. With more and more people drawing parallels between the current pandemic and the last recession, it’s no wonder people are worried. To remind us all that we can triumph in the face of adversity, I wanted to share Patrick Aime‘s story.

I sat down with him to learn more about his struggles and his successes. His story actually takes him around the world and back again as he joined the double comma club, becoming a young millionaire less than ten years after filing for bankruptcy during the Great Recession.

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How to Create Your Family Will in 6 Easy Steps

A few years ago, Nicole and I finally completed our family will.  We procrastinated for the better part of two years because we were binge-watching Game of Thrones and House of Cards. Excuses yes, but these are some epic shows!

Nevertheless, (GAME OF THRONES SPOILER ALERT!) when Jon Snow ended The Mother of Dragon’s reign early, it was a wake-up call that life is short! Thanks to Jon’s rage (and the fact that we love each and want to take care of our kids), we got that family will completed right away.  

To show you that this very important task can be easily done, I’ve listed out the 6 steps that Nicole and I followed to get the family will prepared, signed and stored.  

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Pay Off the Mortgage Early or Invest More? Why We Chose a Mortgage-Free Life

Should we pay off the mortgage early or invest extra? That is a question that many homeowners find themselves asking. There are certainly benefits to investing more, and there are also benefits to being mortgage-free. It’s a major personal finance decision, which is why it is important to hear different the thought processes behind different people’s journeys.

I sat down with Kevin Hooper to learn more about his decision to pay off his mortgage early instead of investing more. Specifically, Kevin Hooper and his wife made the decision to become mortgage-free in a Chicago suburb with two young children. They did it in just five years.

In this interview, Kevin shares why they wanted to become mortgage free and details their unique mortgage payoff process. Plus, he also offers a peek inside their lives now when he shares what they are doing with the money they freed up paying off the mortgage early.

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