7 Simple Ways to Avoid Distraction at Work and Home

A couple of weeks ago, I had an impactful conversation with Author Curt Steinhorst about his new book Can I Have Your Attention The focus of that interview was all about how distraction affects our work and home lives.

That interview with Curt really hit home for me. I think it’s because Curt and I are in a very similar spot in life. We’re both busy with our work, but we also want to be fun-loving Dads and supportive husbands. Focus is required to be successful in all of these areas.   

I’m all about improvement and action. I’ve outlined 7 things that I’m working to improve following my conversation with Curt. These action steps will help me enhance both my work and home life.

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Planning Your Family’s Financial Legacy – with Cameron Hendricks

Increasing your savings, making more money and amassing wealth can have a huge impact on your personal finances. Your wealth can allow you to buy things that bring you joy, experience incredible vacations and create more free time for yourself. For some people, building wealth isn’t just about personal enjoyment. It is about leaving a legacy for your family.

Nicole and I aren’t quite at the spot where our kid’s college savings is taken care of. We also don’t have an investment account set up for them when they reach adulthood, but we sure would love to some day. First, we want to make sure our retirement goals are set. As they say, there’s no such thing as retirement loans, but student loans ARE an option.

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Dear 20-Year Old, Invest Now and Retire Early

I recently sent a letter (yes, a real letter) to my 20-year old nephew encouraging him to start saving for his retirement today. With time and compound interest on his side, his options are endless. In order for him to reach financial independence, he’ll need to invest and adopt some crucial money-smart habits early on in his life.

Cross your fingers for me that the message resonates with him!

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Conquer Distraction at Work and at Home – with Curt Steinhorst

Distraction can come in all different forms. It can be from unnecessary chit-chat with your colleagues at work, smartphone notifications or even being the “always on” parent.  The constant challenge of blocking out the “noise” and focusing on the most important task can sometimes feel impossible.

Today, we’re going to conquer distraction together. The goal for today’s episode is to help you win back your time, your attention and your focus.

I’ve invited a guest who is on a mission to rescue us from our distracted selves.  Workplace consultant and author Curt Steinhorst joins us on the podcast today to discuss his new book “Can I Have Your Attention*?”. This new book focuses on inspiring better work habits and getting stuff done in a constantly connected workplace.

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Meet the Hill Family – Nicole, Zoey (5) and Calvin (3)

We have reached a true milestone today my friends. Episode 50! FIVE-ZERO! That means for the last 50 weeks, this podcast has been focused on helping you and your family win with money.

I’ve shared my personal victories, failures and reviewed our family’s goals for the future. 

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Simplify Your Marriage and Finances with a Budget – with Honeyfi

Marriage is a beautiful thing. You get a best friend for life that loves you, laughs at your bad jokes and tells you when you have one of those stray hairs in your nose.

Your spouse is your friend, your partner-in-crime and that person who simply tells you like it is. It’s all in the vows, right? You’re supported in good times and bad, in sickness and health, for all our days on earth.

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Superpower Advantages of ADHD – with Peter Shankman

Each day we’re on this earth, we get a fresh opportunity to learn something new. We can learn a new skill, absorb new knowledge or improve our understanding of complex topics. With my podcast interview this week focused on ADHD, I feel like I learned in all three of these areas.

In the past, whenever I had heard of someone with ADHD, I thought, “Man, that must be difficult to live like that.” Not having the ability to focus intently and carry through everyday tasks would make life pretty frustrating. Now those things can be true of people with ADHD, but my mindset was in the wrong place. I was thinking of the negatives of ADHD and not the positives.

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How Much Should I Tip?

Have you ever walked into a Starbucks and seen that tip jar on the front counter and wondered, “How much should I tip? Or do I even need to tip at all?”

Or have you ordered food to your house and the delivery person comes to the door and you think, “What’s a good tip for this person?”

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MKM Challenge: There’s a Better “You” Inside this Book

[smart_track_player url=”″ social_linkedin=”true” social_pinterest=”true” social_email=”true” image=”×1400.jpg”]If you’re like me, your relaxation and decompression time comes with reading a good book. It is an excellent way to relieve stress, work your brain and learn something new.

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With My High Income, Why Can’t I Get Ahead?

From time to time, I receive questions from the Marriage, Kids and Money audience. I thought this week I’d shake up the show format a little bit by answering one of the questions I received recently about controlling expenses when we have a high income. Enjoy!

Dear Andy,

I saw Dave Ramsey live a couple of years ago and it resonated with me. I began promptly to hack away at my debt and contribute 15% to my 401k. I  gross $8,000 a month before all the fun stuff comes out, including insurance, etc.

  • $500 goes into a high yield savings (Currently, there is about $6,500 in that).
  • $1425 is currently my mortgage payment.  Then we have all the normal bills, etc.
  • The summer was a bit brutal on my budget as I spent $750 in 6 weeks on summer day care, plus $1,000 on a broken AC.

So given all that … My question is “How can I get ahead?” Maybe I just need patience?  

We’re planning on moving soon and I am already doing research on how I can find a safe place in a good school district. But I don’t want that to drive us further into the monthly mortgage hole.

Anyway, I hope I do not sound overly neurotic but I would love your input. 

Kind Regards,


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