Building Legacy Wealth Through Rental Real Estate – with Clayton Morris

Building Legacy Wealth Through Rental Real Estate

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There have been lots of discussions around the Hill House lately about investing in rental real estate. Both my wife Nicole and I feel like it would be an excellent way for us to build passive income and wealth for our family.

It also sounds like a business we can do together. Nicole is excellent at making a house feel like a home and I’m a numbers nerd. We’d make a killer team.

Before we dive into such a huge endeavor, we want to do our best to educate ourselves so we’re as successful as possible. And success doesn’t just mean being profitable. It also means that we’ve set up a sustainable, scalable and enjoyable business for ourselves.

Part of that education process is reading and listening to books on real estate, meeting with friends who already investors and taking advantage of this awesome podcast platform to interview some experts. 

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With education in mind, I invited Clayton Morris on the show today. You might recognize Clayton as the TV host from Fox & Friends, but today we’re discussing something completely different. Clayton started a real estate investment company with his wife Natali called Morris Invest. The company helps investors purchase properties, fix them up and manage them.

Clayton Morris
Clayton Morris, Morris Invest

Clayton and Natali are real estate investors as well. Using the same “Freedom Number” formula Clayton shares on his website, the Morris’ have been able to build true legacy wealth for their family for generations to come.

What are we covering today?

Clayton and I discuss:

  • What got him interested in rental real estate
  • How he’s building wealth that he can pass down to his kids
  • What steps we can all take to get started with buy-and-hold real estate

If you’re thinking that real estate may be solid passive income generator for your family, join me for today’s conversation. This chat confirmed for me that buy-and-hold rentals should be the next conquest for our family.

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Recommended Books from Clayton Morris

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Morris Invest: Clayton’s real estate investment company

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