10 Steps I Took to Leave My Six-Figure Job and Become an Entrepreneur

Tomorrow will be my last day at my job. 

After 15 years of working as an event marketing professional, I’ve decided that I’m ready for a new chapter in my life.

The companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with have treated me well, given my family benefits and paid me generously. I sincerely appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given. It’s just time for me to follow a new calling.

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How Having a Baby Changed My Financial Goals

Hello all! Andy Hill here …  We have a new guest post from Logan Allec from Money Done Right. Logan is a CPA, real estate investor, and full-time personal finance blogger. His article below shares how his life changed when he became a father. I can definitely relate! I hope you enjoy!

There’s no question that having a baby changed my life. I just wasn’t quite prepared for the impact it would have on my finances. 

I was definitely prepared for all the expenses of having a newborn. However, I also found myself adjusting my long-term financial goals in a way I hadn’t expected.

If you’re a new parent — or are about to become one — you might find yourself thinking about new financial goals that probably weren’t on your mind before. You might also realize you have a different mindset when it comes to money. 

Everyone’s experience is different, but here’s how the birth of my son changed my own financial goals.

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Living Paycheck to Paycheck on $100,000. How can we improve?

Our first question of the month comes in from Julie. Well, it’s really a half question/half statement but nevertheless, here we go …

Try this on: $92,000 income family with one baby.

We live in a crummy small 2 bedroom rental with poor heat and cracks in the walls. It’s on the edge of the city, the best balance of travel time to work vs price we could find.

My field (international aid/development) is generally in major cities and we like our secure jobs so not ideal to leave.

My round trip to work is 1.5hrs with driving our baby to daycare then transiting myself to work. If I transit all the way, it’s 2.5 hrs each way. If I drive all the way it’s $300+ in parking/month. There is no transit to my husband’s work so we need 2 cars.

Tell me how to do better.

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Creating a Flexible Work Schedule to Live Your Best Life Today – with Angela Rozmyn

Saving for our future financial independence important. Embracing the present moment is important as well. So how do we find a balance that helps us achieve both goals?

I’ve invited Angela Rozmyn on the show today and she’s going to share her family’s journey, trials and tribulations with this conundrum.

Angela is a mother to a 4-year old son and has been married to her husband for the past 10 years. She writes about the balance of saving for the future and living for today on her award-winning blog Tread Lightly, Retire Early. Her story and advice have been featured in major media outlets like MarketWatch, GoBankingRates and Business Insider. 

She also hates most seafood but loves her pets and the outdoors.

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How to Find a Career You Love – with Ken Coleman

A recent Gallup poll suggests that 70% of American workers are not engaged in their jobs. They don’t like what they do, or changes within the organization have made it difficult to enjoy their days. But working is important, we need the income, we need the benefits. Most importantly, we need a purpose in life. How do we find a career we love?

I’ve invited Ken Coleman on the show today to help us figure that out. Ken is a career expert and national radio host of the Ken Coleman Show. Pulling from his own personal struggles, missed opportunities, and career successes, Ken helps people discover what they were born to do and provides practical steps to make their dream job a reality.

Ken’s latest book, The Proximity Principle, was a Wall Street Journal Best Seller and hits on this very subject.

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How to Reach Your First $100,000 (in Salary, Business and Net Worth) – with Tori Dunlap

Do you want to reach $100,000? This could be in your salary, your small business revenue, and even your net worth.

To help us achieve these big milestones in our lives, I’ve invited Tori Dunlap to chat with us today.

Tori is a millennial money and career expert. Her career started with landing a digital marketing contract worth tens of thousands, and a full-time position as the head of marketing for a global company — all before she turned 22. On track to save $100,000 by 25, Tori founded Her First $100K to give women actionable resources to get their first six figures too.

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Creating a 5-Hour School Week Through Real Estate Investing – with Kaleena and Aaron Amuchastegui

Homeschooling is the practice of educating kids at home or out in the world instead of traditional schooling. While the concept might be different or even radical for some, it’s on the rise. Since 2012, homeschooling has grown consistently by 3-8% per year.

So what’s the appeal for parents and for kids?

Well, that’s what we’re going to find out today!

Aaron and Kaleena Amuchastegui are parents of 4 and the authors of the Amazon Best Seller, “The 5 Hour School Week: An Inspirational Guide to Leaving the Classroom to Embrace Learning in a Way You Never Imagined”.

They crafted this book in the midst of their family’s journey into homeschooling and today we’re going to learn more about how and why they went this route for their family.

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14 Money Goals to Accomplish Before You Turn 40

Our question of the month comes in from Anonymous from Cleveland:

Hi Andy,

I just finished reading an article of yours about paying off your mortgage early. Congratulations on that. I have a 30-year mortgage and I’m not sure if I want to pay it off, but it got me thinking about where I should be with my financial goals.

I’m 35, married, two kids. I want to make sure I’m on track.

What financial goals should I have checked off my list by the time I turn 40?

Do you have any articles on that?



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5 Term Life Insurance Providers That Make the Process Easy

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of buying life insurance? You’re not alone. With so many options to pick from, it can be hard to choose. Back in the day, purchasing life insurance meant meeting with a salesperson to get a quote and often required a complicated medical exam. Luckily, you have better options that your grandparents did.

Here are 5 providers of term life insurance that are making it easier than ever to get the coverage you need.

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10 Steps to Young Family Wealth and Happiness

Over the past two years when I run into someone and tell them about my podcast, one major question that continues to come up is  “What have been your biggest takeaways?”

It’s a great question.

It’s the whole reason I started the show. I wanted to learn from some incredibly smart, family-centric, wealthy, philanthropic, independent, in-control of their future rock stars that would motivate me to give my family the best life possible. And it’s worked.

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