Creating Multiple Income Streams to Eliminate $100k of Debt – with J from Millennial Boss

Creating Multiple Income Streams to Eliminate $100k of Debt

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Earlier this week, I caught up with J from Millennial Boss. This 28-year-old working professional / entrepreneur sets huge goals for herself and crushes them. J was dealing with around $100,000 in debt from student loans, credit cards, and a new car. Through creating multiple sources of income for herself, she was able to annihilate that debt in 18 short months.

Her next big goal is to become a millionaire by 30 … Yes. Not a typo. 30.

About Our Guest:  J from Millennial Boss

By day, J is a trailblazing tech industry professional in the pacific northwest.

By night, she runs at Etsy store, a blog, a podcast and is always on the look out for her newest opportunity to diversify and grow her income.

J from Millennial Boss
J from Millennial Boss

She also loves her dog, secretly wants to be a mountain woman and can’t decide whether she wants to travel indefinitely or be a homebody.

What are we covering today?

J and I discuss:

  • How she accumulated $100k in debt
  • What income streams she used to crush the mountain of debt in 18 months
  • Her ambitious goals for becoming a millionaire by 30

The secret to millionaire success is no secret. It’s all about eliminating your high-interest debts and creating multiple sources of income. If you want to make more money and become a future millionaire like J will, you will not want to miss this conversation. She’s inspiring and she’s making it happen.


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Creating Multiple Income Sources to Eliminate $100k of Debt

What are you doing to increase your income this month?

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4 thoughts on “Creating Multiple Income Streams to Eliminate $100k of Debt – with J from Millennial Boss”

  1. This ought to inspire a bit of hope in all the kids out there currently buried in student loan debt. Maybe you can’t pay it all off in 18 months like J did, but it at least shows that it’s POSSIBLE, which is a lot when you’re feeling hopeless under a pile of debt.

    1. You are so right Kylie! The debt is going to keep climbing. J is a rockstar example but even if it takes longer than 18 months, it’s all good. Keep crushing that debt!

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