Crowdfund Your Way into a Hollywood Movie – with David Willis and Katherine Botts

Crowdfund Your Way into a Hollywood Movie

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When I was in high school, I was really into movies. I loved watching them in the theaters. A wall in my room was filled with a collection of my favorite flicks on VHS. I even made my own murder mystery movie (I pretty much ripped off Scream).

All of those memories came flooding back to me last week when I interviewed a couple of real Hollywood movie producers. These are actual professionals that are making movies and putting them up on the big screen for the world to enjoy.

Producer David Willis
Producer David Willis

I had the opportunity to speak with Producers David Willis and Katherine Botts who are in the process of making a new Christmas movie called “I’ll be Next Door for Christmas”. The movie will be released later this year. It’s about a family that absolutely loves Christmas … much to the chagrin of their 16-year old daughter. Her out-of-town boyfriend is coming in for the holidays and to keep her crazy kin away from him she hires actors to pretend to be her family next door.

Associate Producer Katherine Botts
Associate Producer Katherine Botts

Now what is unique about this Christmas comedy is that it will be the very first feature-length narrative movie ever made with equity crowdfunding in the United States. Equity (or regulation) crowdfunding will allow anyone to become a shareholder in this movie. Just like holding equity (or stock) in Apple or Amazon, you can now own equity in small businesses like this independent Christmas film.

If you’ve ever wanted to become a movie producer, but don’t have the talent, connections or time, now you can!

What are we covering today?

On the show today, David, Katherine and I chat about:

  • The details of the new Movie “I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas”
  • What regulation/equity crowdfunding is
  • How people can get in on the movie making action

If you’re interested in learning more about equity crowdfunding and making Hollywood movies, don’t miss this episode. As a special bonus, this interview contains muppet impressions, a beautiful rendition of Dirty Dancing’s “The Time of My Life” and a lot of laughter. 

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I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas: Details about the movie and how you can invest.

Win a Role in the Movie: Click here to learn more about how you can be a part of the movie cast.

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