Freedom Through Minimalism – with Claudia and Garrett Pennington

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We work hard.  We earn money.   We buy stuff.

Then, that stuff requires repair, maintenance and software updates. Before you know it, your stuff is out of style.  You’re on version 3 when the rest of the world is on version 7.

We work harder.  We earn more money.  We buy more stuff.

Are we in control of our things or are our things in control of us?

Experience Freedom Through Minimalism

After years of paying large utility bills, repairing broken appliances and landscaping their yard, Claudia and Garrett Pennington decided enough is enough.  

They told the Jones’ that they weren’t keeping up with them anymore. They sold their larger home and downsized to a 500 square foot tiny home.   

With the decrease in the size of their home, these minimalists have also decreased the stress on their lives that comes with too much STUFF!  After I finished this interview, I was so inspired to reduce the amount of my stuff that I went into my closet and easily picked out 30 items of clothing to donate to Good Will.  

Last month, the Penningtons had another major milestone in their lives. The mortgage for their tiny home has now been completely paid off.

Join me now to hear the Pennington’s story and how minimalism can help your life.

Show Notes

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