How Are Your 2017 Goals Going?

How Are You Doing on those 2017 Goals

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Tomorrow is the 241st anniversary of the United States of America declaring its independence from Great Britain. While I’m preparing to spend a fun family day filled with hot dogs, beers, and fireworks, I remembered that I also made a declaration of my own at the beginning of the year about my goals for 2017. We’re halfway done with the year so I thought I’d check in, share my progress and hopefully, you’ll do the same with me.

In December, I declared that I would do two things by the end of the year: Pay off my mortgage and run my first marathon. So where am I in my progress?

Pay Off the Mortgage

  • In December 2016, we had a $52,952 balance on our mortgage.  
  • Today, we have a $29,537 balance.
  • By December 2017, we’ll have a $0 balance!

I’ve been battling with a little bit of “patience” lately. Officially, we have enough money in our bank account to pay this mortgage off today, but that would leave us with a one-month emergency fund. That would not be a smart move for the Hill Family.

Nicole (my wife) has been my rock by calming me down and having me realize that paying this mortgage off in December is still an incredible feat.

I outlined our strategy for paying off this mortgage on this blog and it was picked up by Rockstar Finance, AOL Finance and recently Business Insider. Check it out below:

As mentioned in the article, we’ll be paying extra principal payments each month, using one whole extra paycheck and keeping consistent with our monthly budgeting parties.

At the end of the year, there will still be a mortgage balance of around $15k. Our plan is take the $15k out of our savings and completely pay off the mortgage. We’ll still have more than 3 months worth of expenses in an emergency fund so we’re all good there. 

So, I feel that I’m doing well on my first 2017 goal … Let’s move onto Goal #2!

Complete a Marathon

Marathon running is an individual sport, but my wife and I have definitely had to team up to make the marathon training a reality. With two small kids and very busy schedules, teamwork is a requirement. This past Friday morning was a perfect example of this partnership in action.

I started my run at 6:30am and finished around 7:30am. I headed up the hill and looked in our driveway and I saw Nicole headed straight for me. She high-fived me – “tag you’re it”, you’re watching the kids now – and then she was off for her 6 mile run.


It was awesome! The teamwork and the partnership made me smile all morning. I went inside around 7:30am and the kids were thankfully still sleeping. I stretched, I drank some water, I ate, I showered and I was ready by 8:15am. I needed to leave by 8:30am to make it to my work meeting on time. Nicole called me at like 8:28am sharp and said, “I’m headed up the hill right now. Get in your car and go.” It was like freakin’ clockwork!

I got in my car and I high-fived her out my car window. Nicole was tagged back in. Thankfully, I made it to my meeting on time. 

The point of this story is to demonstrate that the teamwork that Nicole and I have developed has given us a great start on our marathon training.

Marathon Training

We’re both up to around 10 miles for our long runs and feeling pretty strong about where we are in our training. We have some major milestones ahead of us though!

Each weekend, we step it up with longer mileage. With the longer mileage, we need to coordinate our schedules even more.

I included a screen shot of 6 weeks of our schedule below. Our full-schedule is around 6 months. It is actually a pretty convenient couple’s marathon training schedule. We cross-train (XT) together on Mondays and then we swap runs every other day. 

Sample Month for Couple's Marathon Schedule
Andy’s Schedule
Sample Schedule for Couple's Marathon Training
Nicole’s Schedule

In early September, we have a half marathon that we’re running together. And then in October, we’re both running the Detroit Free Press Marathon. This marathon is a unique one because we’re running it in two different countries – the US and Canada.

Finishing this marathon will be an excellent accomplishment that we’ll remember for our entire lives. Even outside of crossing the finish line, I think I’m going to be most impressed with the partnership Nicole and I demonstrated in our marriage. Putting our health first and showing our kids that no challenge is too difficult in marriage if you’re truly working together.  

Hold Me Accountable!

I appreciate being able to share these goals with you all, but they are not complete yet! Having a blog and a podcast affords me the opportunity to have you all hold me accountable. Otherwise, it’s all just a bunch of talk.

Do you want me to hold you accountable too? Tell me about your 2017 goals in the comments section below.

June’s MKM Challenge

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How are you doing with your 2017 goals?

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