Term Life Insurance

Why You Need Life Insurance

If your family depends on your income or your time, you need Term Life Insurance.

After meeting with the founders of Quotacy in person, I trust they’ll provide you with affordable options that meet your budget. They look at multiple term life insurance companies¬†on your behalf and get you the best coverage for the least cost.

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They also pride themselves in ditching the old school sales tactics that have scared people away from life insurance in the past.

Not Sure How Much Coverage You Need?

While 5-10x your income is a good rule of thumb for term life insurance, Quotacy has a convenient calculator to gauge how much you might need.

Check out their Needs Assessment Calculator before looking for a quote. It could be a lot less than you think!

Hear from the Founder of Quotacy

I had a chance to interview the Founder of Quotacy, Jeremy Hallett. His passion for protecting families is inspiring.

Jeremy Hallett from Quotacy
Jeremy Hallett, Founder of Quotacy

He and his co-founder Abby Reddy encouraged me to partner with them on their mission in safeguarding 1,000,000 families with affordable term life insurance.

My interview with Jeremy will give you an understanding of:

  • Why people need life insurance
  • How Quotacy is different from other partners out there
  • Why some coverage is better than no coverage

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