Financial Independence through Real Estate – with Paula Pant

Now that Nicole and I are mortgage free, we’re moving onto our next big financial challenge:  Buy-and-Hold Rental Real Estate.

Over the past year, I’ve been doing my best to educate myself in real estate by reading books and blogs and listening to podcasts on my daily commute. One of the podcasts I’ve been enjoying a lot is called Afford Anything hosted by Paula Pant.

Paula is a real estate expert. She’s built an incredibly comfortable life for herself and her husband with 7 buy-and-hold rental units. They spend an average of about 1 hour per week managing the properties and they make an impressive income.

Since Nicole and I are newbies with the rental real estate game, I asked Paula to join me on the show today to discuss her path from 0 to 7 units and how real estate has allowed her to truly enjoy a life of pursuing her passions.  

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