How the Great Recession Inspired Me to Pay Off My Mortgage Early – with Christin McKamey

The Great Recession (2007-2009) caused higher levels of unemployment, plummeting real estate values and a lot of people to feel uneasy about their financial situation. Many parts of the United States were hit hard during this financial crisis, especially my home town of metro Detroit.

Today, I talk with Christin McKamey, a fellow metro Detroiter and the blogger behind Veggie Chick. We discuss how the Great Recession affected her and her husband Robert financially and emotionally. At one point, Christin found herself in nearly six-figures of debt with no job prospects. Her drive to improve her financial situation helped her to eliminate her debt and eventually become mortgage-free.

We chat about her and her husband’s financial past and upbringing, how she earned extra money to get rid of her debt and what they will do with their money now that they are mortgage-free.

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Life After Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 7

When I read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey in 2011, I knew going through all of the 7 baby steps could take quite a while. The book’s structure of saving money, paying off debt and investing was simple and easy to understand, but it definitely had some years attached to it. This was not a “get rich quick book” for sure. Nevertheless, I was intrigued and inspired to follow Dave’s 7 steps and see where it took me and my new family.

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