Our $6,000 Family Vacation to Cabo Only Cost Us $300 – Here’s How We Did It

The Hill Family just got back from the best vacation we’ve ever been on together. Well, it was the only one we’ve ever been on together, but nonetheless, it was incredible.

We spent five nights and six days at the beautiful Paradisus in Los Cabos, Mexico. This all-inclusive resort was a true luxury getaway for our busy young family.

The kids played all day with us in the family-friendly pool and met new friends in the kid’s club. Nicole and I enjoyed exercising in the fitness center in the mornings, laying out in the pool cabanas during the day and eating at a different on-campus restaurant each night. We didn’t even care if the kids ate all of their food because it was all inclusive!

For Mother’s Day, I even booked a couple’s massage and facial at the spa. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep during the treatment (don’t tell Nicole).

It was a memorable week and we’re so glad we did it. The best part of all …

The entire trip only cost us $329.

Yep, all of it … The flights, hotel, food, private transportation and even the freakin’ spa. $329!

Let me tell you how we did it …

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How Our Family of 4 is Traveling to Disneyland for $220

My 5-year old daughter Zoey is in love with Disney princesses. Ariel, Moana and Elsa have all been her “favorite” at one point or another. When she learned there was a magical place that she could meet all of these charming ladies, she immediately asked me “Daddy, when can we go to Disneyland?”

Given my frugal tendencies, I was not thrilled about the costs involved. According to Huffington Post, the average price for a family of 4 to Disneyland can hover close to $5,000. Sorry Zoey, Daddy loves you, but that’s freaking ridiculous.

After taking a deep breath, I endeavored to find a way to make this family trip possible. After all, a sunny vacation in California did sound pretty nice.

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