MKM Challenge: Budget Your Way to Wealth

It is the first Monday of the month my friends! That means, we’re throwing down another MKM Challenge. For you “personal challenge types” out there (like me), this can be a lot of fun and, if you stick to it, quite rewarding.

Last month, I challenged myself to develop a chore and reward system for my 5-year old daughter, Zoey. The goal was to help Zoey correlate hard work with reward. This way she knows if she really wants something in life that she has the power to make it happen.  

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MKM Challenge: Create Chores and Rewards for Kids

Today, I’m throwin’ down another MKM Challenge. We’re talking about how we can get our kids to help out with the daily chores around the house. Our goal is to get them to understand that with hard work comes reward.

But first, I want to recap last month’s challenge and share how the Hill Family fared in reducing our grocery expenses.

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