Why It’s Okay to Have a Credit Card When You’re Debt Free

Our second question of the month comes in from Amanda from Cleveland!

Hi! I had a question about credit cards and travel rewards.

My husband and I have no credit cards and we’ve paid off all of our debt except our mortgage. We’re looking to go to Hawaii for our 10-year anniversary and didn’t know if there was a credit card that we should sign up for to help us redeem more travel rewards.

We’re also not sure if getting a credit card is a good thing to do since we haven’t had them for a while.

Should we get a new credit card for the rewards or just pay with cash?

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My Credit Card Makes Me Happy

One random day five years ago, I was eating lunch at home and messing around on this new thing called an “iPad”.

Because I’m a money nerd, I went to the iTunes store, searched for personal finance and I found Dave Ramsey’s app.  Before that $5 footlong lunch, I knew nothing about Dave Ramsey.  By the time I finished my meal, I was absolutely hooked on his brand of no-nonsense debt elimination advice.

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