3 Real Estate Investing Strategies for Minimalists

For years now, my wife and I have been sitting on the sidelines of real estate investing. We’ve been watching people grow their wealth, expand their portfolio and grow their passive income. 

We have the money to jump into the single-family rental property game. In fact, we saved up over $100,000 over the past few years to buy our first property in cash. 

Our family is convinced that owning rental properties would help us build wealth and we’re financially prepared to do it. But still, we sit waiting and waiting to make it become a reality. 

I didn’t realize the reason until recently … We’re strapped for time and we have a deep desire to maintain a minimalist lifestyle. 

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How This Stay-at-Home Dad Makes $200,000 Per Year in Passive Income – with Sam Dogen

A lot of us have had this moment in our lives: we become parents and we want less time working and more time with family, but the income is just not there to support it. 

Today, we talk with someone who has developed enough passive income to spend less time on work and more time raising his son. Sam Dogen is the writer behind Financial Samurai, a blog and podcast dedicated to slicing through money’s mysteries.

He is a regular contributor to CNBC and he’s been featured in major publications like MarketWatch, Business Insider, and Forbes. When he’s not writing or talking about money, he likes coaching and playing tennis and enjoying delicious food in San Francisco with his wife and young son.

We dive deep into why he got into passive income, the methods he used to get started and his life as a stay at home Dad.

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