How to Teach Young Kids About Money (And Why They’re Never too Young) – with Liz Frazier

Almost half of the US would not be able to cover a $400 emergency.

Around 40% have credit card debt. And 1/3 of Americans have saved $0 for retirement.

If we want our kids to survive these financial trip hazards and truly thrive, we need to start their financial education early. Our guest today, Liz Frazier, is a leader in the financial literacy movement and she’s helping parents teach their young children about money as soon as possible.

Liz is a fee-only certified financial planner and the author of Beyond Piggy Banks and Lemonade Stands, How to Teach Young Kids About Finance. She is a regular contributor for Forbes and has been featured in national media such as The Wall Street Journal, PBS, CNBC, ABC and Fox Radio. Liz lives in New York with her husband and two young kids.

We’ll be discussing how to get started with educating your kids about money, how to help children determine needs versus wants and how to encourage them to be grateful and appreciate what they have.

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Having “The Money Talk” with your Parents as they Get Older – with Cameron Huddleston

As our parents get older, their money problems can sometimes become our problems if we don’t plan ahead. And if we’re raising our children at the same time, there’s a reason they’re calling us the “sandwich generation”.

Today on the show, I have invited Cameron Huddleston to talk to us about how we can have that money talk with our parents and why we need to do it right away.

Cameron is the author of the new book, Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk: How to Have Essential Conversations with Your Parents About Their Finances. She’s also an award-winning personal finance journalist whose work has appeared in the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, the Chicago Tribune, Yahoo Finance, and MSN.

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How to Throw a Budget Party with Your Spouse

My wife and I have had some incredible financial wins during our marriage. We eliminated $48,032 of debt, paid off our $195,000 mortgage and increased our net worth by $800,000 all in the last 9 years. And the one tradition that has been constant throughout the entire process has been our Budget Party.

The Budget Party is a monthly get-together meant to set aside time for me and my wife to have important conversations about our financial future together. We review how we used our money from the previous month, what we want to do with our cash this month and how we’re tracking on our overall financial goals.

Outside of the obvious financial benefits of this activity, these meetings are great for our marriage. We discuss what’s important to us, how we’re going to get there together and how we see our relationship growing over the years to come. With two small children in the house, time for discussion is limited. The Budget Party gives us a little break and helps me feel closer to my wife. 

If all this financial growth and marital relationship building stuff sounds interesting to you, I’ve compiled 10 easy steps for you to build your own Budget Party. This way, you can create your own monthly meeting and strengthen your family tree for years to come. 

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Why Our Family Got Umbrella Insurance and How Much It Costs

Katherine from Buffalo, NY reached out regarding Umbrella Insurance …

Hi Andy:

I am a new listener and I love your podcast. The way you breakdown topics and explain them very easy to understand and makes me feel like I can achieve my financial goals with the correct planning and mindset.

I realize that this isn’t a finance question, however, it is a family-safety/ planning question. Can you briefly explain the importance of an umbrella policy? I know it is important to protect your assets but I am confused when the right time to have one is. My husband and I are just buying our first house and are unsure if we need one yet. Any information or advice would be appreciated!



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Planning Your Family’s Financial Legacy – with Cameron Hendricks

Increasing your savings, making more money and amassing wealth can have a huge impact on your personal finances. Your wealth can allow you to buy things that bring you joy, experience incredible vacations and create more free time for yourself. For some people, building wealth isn’t just about personal enjoyment. It is about leaving a legacy for your family.

Nicole and I aren’t quite at the spot where our kid’s college savings is taken care of. We also don’t have an investment account set up for them when they reach adulthood, but we sure would love to some day. First, we want to make sure our retirement goals are set. As they say, there’s no such thing as retirement loans, but student loans ARE an option.

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