10 Simple Steps to Save Up for Your Next Home Down Payment

Rachel from Chicago has a question about saving up for her home down payment.

Hey Andy! 

My husband and I are trying to save for a down payment on a house. We are pretty good at living within our means. 

Any advice on how to make this easier, smarter, more fun?! 

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How Having a Baby Changed My Financial Goals

Hello all! Andy Hill here …  We have a new guest post from Logan Allec from Money Done Right. Logan is a CPA, real estate investor, and full-time personal finance blogger. His article below shares how his life changed when he became a father. I can definitely relate! I hope you enjoy!

There’s no question that having a baby changed my life. I just wasn’t quite prepared for the impact it would have on my finances. 

I was definitely prepared for all the expenses of having a newborn. However, I also found myself adjusting my long-term financial goals in a way I hadn’t expected.

If you’re a new parent — or are about to become one — you might find yourself thinking about new financial goals that probably weren’t on your mind before. You might also realize you have a different mindset when it comes to money. 

Everyone’s experience is different, but here’s how the birth of my son changed my own financial goals.

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