Why We’re Giving $100 Tips This Holiday Season (And Why We Want You to Join Us)

As we’re out and about enjoying the holidays this year, we will more than likely interact with someone in the service industry. We may be served by a waitress, greeted by a host or checked out by a cashier.

These folks are hustling to pay their bills and hopefully, they will make enough to have a happy holiday with their family. Unfortunately, these positions are some of the lowest paying jobs in the US. The average waiter or waitress in the US makes around $20,000 per year.

While we can’t easily change the landscape of the service industry, we sure can give back to our neighbors who are working hard during the holidays.

As a small gesture of thanks and paying it forward, my wife and I are planning on giving two random $100 tips to someone in the service industry this year. Rockstar Finance has already joined in on the fun by supplying us with $100 for the effort! We’re hoping you will join us too.

We’re calling it #BigTipTuesday! Here’s how it’ll go in 5 easy and fun steps:

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What is it like Giving Away $100 to a Random Person?

Last week, I took on a giving challenge from Rockstar Finance. They supplied me with $100 and the guidance to “do some good” in my community.

I’m all about doing good, but I had no clue what to do with this money!

In my attempt to get some inspiration, I reached out to the Marriage, Kids and Money Community and asked for some suggestions. What I got back was incredible!

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