How This Mom Makes Over $100,000 Working Part-Time From Home – with Sarah Li Cain

When you’re a new parent, there a lot of financial hurdles to jump over.

What are we going to do for childcare? How does this affect our income? Can we afford this new life of ours?

Today we speak with a new parent who’s recently had to answer a lot of these questions. Sarah Li-Cain is our guest today. She is a young mother, a wife and a full-time writer. By pursuing her passion and growing her income, Sarah has been able to make over $100,000 per year working 25 hours per week and still be able to spend quality time her with 3-year old son.

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Have I Committed to Too Many Kids’ Activities?

Our second question of the month comes in from Allison from Missouri:

Hi, Andy!

You’ve said that Nicole keeps you balanced with actually living life while still trying to reach your financial goals. How do you balance kids’ activities and optional expenses?

My kids are 4 and 1, and we have just started to branch out into formal activities like swimming lessons and gymnastics classes. I know that parents can go nuts with fun and enriching activities and kid events, easily spending hundreds of dollars a month. I’m not interested in being a tightly scheduled family or spending tons of money on activities, but I also don’t want to lean too far into “living in a cardboard box” territory. I’d love to hear your perspective on how your family balances kids’ activities and expenses.

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