Why Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a Bad Side Hustle – with Melissa Blevins

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a $36 billion industry, but according to AARP, 73% of people who participate in MLMs make no money or lose money.

So what’s the appeal? Why do people keep coming back with such a high failure rate?

Today, Andy talks to Melissa Blevins from the Perfection Hangover about the two MLMs she took part in to make some extra money while staying at home with the kids and how she ended up losing money.

We talk about what MLMs are all about, Melissa’s personal experiences and her current side hustle (that has become more profitable for her).

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10 Steps I Took to Leave My Six-Figure Job and Become an Entrepreneur

Tomorrow will be my last day at my job. 

After 15 years of working as an event marketing professional, I’ve decided that I’m ready for a new chapter in my life.

The companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with have treated me well, given my family benefits and paid me generously. I sincerely appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given. It’s just time for me to follow a new calling.

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14 Profitable Side Hustles Parents Can Do From Home

Our question of the month comes in from Wes from Virginia:


I’ve been married for 5 years and have a 2 ½-year-old daughter. 

My wife and I have paid off $40,000 in debt but we still have $100,000 in student loans to go. 

I want to find a side hustle to help us accelerate our debt pay off, but with my responsibilities at home, I’m looking for a work-at-home opportunity that pays $30 or more per hour to be worth my time to spend away from my family. 

I’m willing to put in a little work upfront to learn some new skills and even open up a new business if needed. 

I wanted to know your opinion on where I should focus my efforts. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!

-Wes from Virginia

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How a Bad Day at Work Inspired Our Family’s Financial Independence Plan

In mid-2016, I had a pretty rough day at work.

My new manager called me into his office to inform me that there would be some changes with my position. A position that I had grown to enjoy. I was proud to have built a team of 3 based on some solid sales wins that I had lead during the previous three years.

It was an honor to see the growth there really. I would win a piece of business and someone would get a full-time job. And then another and then another … It was really cool. I liked the fact that when I worked hard and earned the company money, someone got a job. That made me feel good.

So when my manager told me that I would no longer be managing those three people anymore, I was pretty devastated. Furthermore, my role of leadership on those accounts was no longer required either. I wasn’t being fired or demoted. I was being shifted.

Looking back, I understand why management made these decisions. Overall, the move has been good for the company and I’ve been able to help with growth in other areas.

But that day when I got home from work, I was pretty bummed.

In fact, I was more than bummed. I was scared.

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Side Hustles and The Life-Defining Lessons We Learn From Them – with Nick Loper

The term side hustle has gained a lot of attention lately. This is something outside of your full-time job that gives you more income and potentially more happiness.

To inspire us to think outside of the walls of our 9-5, I’ve invited the host of the Side Hustle Show, Nick Loper, on the show today. Nick and discuss the many benefits associated with a side hustle. Surprisingly, some of the best benefits have nothing to do with money.

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26 Smart Ways for Moms and Dads to Make More Money

More than ever before, parents are stretched to their limits with the demands of careers and families. We all would love to make more money and provide some extra financial freedom for our families, but how do you do that without driving yourself crazy? What can you do to make some extra money easily that won’t take up too much time?

While I wish it was that simple, any kind of part-time job, side hustle or investment will require some kind of time commitment, and possibly a financial commitment too, in order to get started. Some side hustles will require more time and effort than others, while some of them take time up front to set up and then it gets easier. Let’s look at 26 smart ways parents can make more money.

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How to Become a Millionaire in your 30’s – Interview 20 (Justin Weinger)

The moment we discover there are income streams to be had outside of our full-time employment, that’s when we truly can skyrocket our net worth. That is the exact time when Justin Weinger from So Over This started to grow his family’s wealth.

At 38 years old, Justin has amassed a net worth of around $2 million. 

Let’s find out how his side hustles and small business development helped him to get there!

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Grow Your Side Hustle into a Full-Time Family Business – with Tom and Ariana Sylvester

More and more Americans are embracing the side hustle lately. The massive amount of debt in our country is forcing people to get a second or even a third gig to make ends meet.

But what if you start to really dig your gig?

Maybe you see this gig turning into a real “grown up” business …

How can we leave our 9 to 5’s and pursue our new passion while still providing for our family?

I’ve invited two guests on the show today that will help us answer this very question. Tom and Ariana Sylvester are a married couple that not only raises children together, but they also build businesses together.

They run a coaching business called Lifestyle Builders where they help everyday people build their lifestyle through entrepreneurship. Also, they own a liquor store, invest in real estate and still have time to be present parents to their two small kids.

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5 Compelling Reasons You Should Start a Podcast Today

18 months ago, I decided to start a podcast called Marriage, Kids and Money. I was looking for a creative outlet and thought I’d try something completely new to shake up my daily routine. The “diapers, work, sleep, repeat” repetitiveness of young fatherhood wasn’t quite doing it for me at the time.

In the beginning, my main podcast goal was to increase my personal finance savvy by connecting with other like-minded individuals who were winning for their families. Since my wife and I had some personal finance success in our 20’s and 30’s, I thought that I could share some of that knowledge through the podcast as well.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected the results that came from producing this little weekly podcast. I’ve grown personally, professionally and really tested myself as an entrepreneur.

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10 Pillars of Financial Independence – with Jonathan Mendonsa

Popularized by extreme frugality rock stars like Mr. Money Mustache, the Mad Fientist and Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme, the Financial Independence or FIRE community has grown in popularity over the past 5-10 years.

This is a subset of the personal finance world that encourages earning a solid income early in your life, saving a boat load of cash and retiring earlier than most of your peers.

For a frugal guy like me, this concept makes a ton of sense. Work hard, save and invest early so you can enjoy the majority of your life doing what you love.

But what happens when you’ve retired early? You still need something. You need a purpose or a goal to work toward.

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