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I know I can’t be a super Dad, a kind and caring husband or a master of my money if I’m not feeling my very best. And that all starts with the food I eat.

In 2011, I went to my doctor for a regular physical exam. You know the one I’m talking about, they whack your knee with that little hammer, prick you with some needles and tell you to turn and cough.

A few weeks later, the blood test came back and they found that I had a borderline high-risk level of cholesterol. My LDL (bad cholesterol) was around 132. Not horrible, but for a 29-year-old who has two parents on high cholesterol meds it was something my doctor was concerned would get worse.

He suggested that I may need to take a drug like Lipitor or Crestor to help control the rising cholesterol. I was shocked that I needed to go on medication this early in my life. If I needed it now, how long would I be taking these pills? And what side effects would there be if I took these pills for the next 60 years of my life? There had to be another way.

I decided to consult another doctor:  Dr. Google. Now, Google also mentioned pills like Crestor and Lipitor as a solution, BUT it also recommended things like more cardio exercise, limiting foods with saturated fats and eating more fiber.

Instead of turning to the meds at 29, I decided I would make a change in my life at that moment by improving my diet and increasing the amount I exercise. That year, I made three major changes; I reduced my red meat intake to once a month, I bought a Vitamix (worth every penny) and started putting things like protein powder, spinach, almonds and avocados in my daily green juice, and I completed my first half-marathon that kicked started my love for long-distance running.

Exercise and healthy eating did the trick. Over the next few years, my LDL went from 132 to 95! Not only did my bad cholesterol decrease, but my energy level increased significantly. This energy and new-found passion for taking care of myself came at the right time in my life as well. As a busy parent with two small kids, I’ve found that you need all the energy you can get! Also, when you demonstrate healthy habits in your life, it’ll rub off on your children. More is caught than taught as they say!

Upgrade Your Diet to Upgrade Your Life

The other day, I spoke with Donnie Desanti, a personal health and wellness coach about this very same topic. Donnie went through a similar situation as I did where medications were prescribed to fix his ailments, but this happened much earlier in his life with childhood ADHD. Donnie’s passion to correct his health issues led him to a career of helping people live healthier and happier lives. Donnie now works with clients around the country to help them lose weight and improve their overall health WITHOUT taking a pill to cure the ill and WITHOUT focusing on the newest fad diet.

On the podcast today, Donnie and I go through a typical day in someone’s life and how they can make better choices with the food they eat. We also discuss other important health topics like getting better sleep, the importance of drinking water and we even dispel some health myths that confuse a lot of people (like me!).

If you’re looking to improve your health and become an overall happier person, you won’t want to miss this conversation with health and wellness expert, Donnie Desanti!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


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  1. Making lifestyle steps to improve your health is always such a superior solution than just downing some meds. Being in the healthcare field myself, taking meds does nothing to change behavior. All it does is kick the can down the road so to speak. Changing behavior is tough, but it will ultimately make you a better person and is usually a lot cheaper than taking pills.

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