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Podcast Advertising

Do you have a product or service that supports young families on their path to financial success?

I would love to explore a partnership with you. The Marriage, Kids and Money Podcast connects with thousands of families each week with the goal of helping them live financially free.

To give you an understanding of who I’ve worked with in the past, some current and past sponsors include:

  • Tiller: Spreadsheet based personal budgeting software
  • Tomorrow: Will creation app
  • bloom: A 401(k) optimizer
  • Credit Sesame: Credit score and credit monitoring partner
  • Health IQ: Insurance for the health conscious

Given the sensitive nature of everyone’s personal finances, our exploratory call together will determine if we’re a good fit for each other.

Please contact me to request a media kit and let’s explore a mutually beneficial partnership that helps families win!

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Video Talent

Are you looking for a dynamic personality to delivery personal finance topics in a fun way?

Look no further my friend!

I absolutely love talking about money and video is one of my favorite mediums. With the boom of social media lately, online video is an excellent way to attract new customers as well.

When you partner with me, you get a script writer, talent, camera operator and editor all in one!

Here are some examples of my work with my client Credit Sesame:

Contact me to discuss your social media video talent needs. I’d love to support your brand and promote financial literacy for all!


Personal Finance Speaker, Money Coach, Media Influencer

Whether it’s a quick talk or a long form seminar, I’m excited to bring a message of family financial empowerment to you LIVE.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak in front of audiences at entrepreneur-focused conferences and parenthood-centered seminars.

Presentation topics include:

  • Marriage and Money
  • Teaching Your Kids About Money
  • Debt Freedom
  • Building Legacy Wealth
  • Financial Independence

Touch base with me to discuss your next live event!

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Freelance Writing

Trusted as a personal finance influencer by brands such as Quicken Loans, Tomorrow and Credit Sesame, my message of family financial empowerment has resonated with listeners, readers, and viewers across the US.

Here are some examples of my recent work:

If you need support with freelance writing for your blog, website or publication, please contact me and let’s chat about how we can partner!

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Money Coaching

Personal Finance Coaching, Testimonial, Andy Hill
Are you looking for someone to walk alongside you in your journey to financial freedom?

I’d love to help you achieve your goals and give your family the best life possible.

I work with clients all around the US (via video chat) and can hold you accountable in the following areas:

  • Becoming debt-free
  • Connecting with your spouse about money
  • Developing a monthly family cash flow plan
  • Hitting savings goals
  • Crafting strategies to build family wealth

Please contact me to request a free 15-minute consultation call today.

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Media Opportunities

Are you looking for a unique family-centric voice for your next story, podcast or video?

I love sharing our family’s financial successes (and failures) to help other win with money.

So far, we’ve had some exciting financial wins as a family like …

  • Paying off $48,032 of debt in 1 year
  • Becoming completely debt free by paying off our $195,000 home mortgage in less than 4 years.
  • Increasing our Net Worth from -$50,000 to $750,000 in 8 Years

I’ve been featured in major media outlets like Business Insider, AOL Finance and NerdWallet, promoting a message of financial fitness and debt free living.

Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to appear as a guest on dozens of podcasts and YouTube shows.

Writing Features:

Podcast Features:

Video Features:

Please contact me to discuss how I can support you with your next piece!

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