How to Celebrate Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

Mortgage Burning Champagne Toast

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You’re mortgage free! Congratulations!

This was no small feat. Your hard work and dedication in paying off this massive debt should be celebrated.

But how do you celebrate something that only a fraction of the US population has done?  

My family recently paid off the $195,000 mortgage on our home and we were asking ourselves this very question. We thought about painting our front door red or throwing a party with some close friends. After some spirited fun back and forth with my wife, we landed on four fun ideas that we could do together as a family.

Here are some ideas to commemorate the big mortgage pay off day:

1. Mortgage Burning

There’s nothing more exciting than building a bonfire, roasting marshmallows and setting fire to the documents associated with the largest debt you’ll ever have in your life.  

Mortgage Burning Champagne Toast
Mortgage Burning Champagne Toast

Before popping the bubbly and burning these once “important documents”, make sure you’ve completed all of the necessary steps in the mortgage pay off process. Once those details are all buttoned up, go pyro on these papers.

Making a copy of the documents isn’t a bad idea … especially if you want to have some more fun (hint: keep reading)!

2. Mortgage Wall

As Jim Morrison would say, “Break on through to the other side!”


  • Tape all of your mortgage papers together and create a large paper wall. If your small kids are going to run through it, go with at least 5 papers tall by 5 papers wide. For adults, you could probably go with 8-10 papers tall. Given the amount of documents associated with your mortgage, this should probably be easy!
Mortgage Wall Construction
Mortgage Wall Construction
  • Next you’ll want to adhere the paper wall to two long sticks (think broom handles or tiki torches).
Mortgage Wall Ready
Mortgage Wall Ready
  • With two people holding each side, encourage your kids, your spouse or even yourself to bust through the wall!
Mortgage Wall Break Through!
Mortgage Wall Break Through!

By literally and figuratively destroying your mortgage and breaking through, you’re declaring that this is a new day for you and your family.

3. Mortgage Piñata

Nothing says “party” more than a piñata. Whether you’re young or old, it’s fun to grab a bat and whack that candy filled party symbol. 

To celebrate your mortgage freedom, create a piñata out of your mortgage papers!


  • Blow up a balloon and cover it in plastic wrap.

Balloon Covered in Plastic Wrap

  • Cut your mortgage into thin strips.

Cut Mortgage into Thin Strips

  • Mix one cup of flour and one cup of water. You may need to double or triple this amount depending on the size of your balloon.

Mix Flour and Water for Paper Mache

  • Dip mortgage papers in the flour-water mixture and place them on the balloon.

Mortgage Paper Strips on Balloon

  • Set your paper mache covered balloon off to the side for the night to dry.  
  • Wait 24 hours or until it is as hard as a rock.
  • Once the paper is hard, stick a pin in the paper and pop the balloon.
  • Cut open the top of the piñata and insert candy, toys or anything you want.

Cut Open Mortgage Pinata

  • Hang the piñata from a tree (or off the end of a broom handle like we did because it was too cold outside).
  • Let your family whack that piñata until all of the treats come flying out!
Whack That Mortgage Pinata
Whack That Mortgage Pinata, Zoey!

It’s quite the metaphor actually; by destroying the mortgage, the whole family gets rewarded.

4. Mortgage Target Practice

This one is as straight forward as they come.


  • Head to your local shooting range
  • Put the mortgage papers in place of a target
  • Take aim and fire away!
Mortgage Target Practice
Mortgage Target Practice

Go with your spouse or your friends and everyone can take turns blasting away at the mortgage. Extra points if you can hit the interest rate!

What are other fun ways to celebrate paying off your mortgage?

Author: Andy Hill

Andy Hill is the host of the Marriage, Kids and Money Podcast which focuses on helping young families build wealth. This 5-star rated podcast was nominated as "Best New Personal Finance Podcast" by Plutus. Andy's advice and personal finance experience have been featured in major media outlets like Business Insider, MarketWatch and NBC News.